• Teach, Breathe, Learn is a practical guide helping teachers find their own unique path to deeper fulfillment and efficacy first in their own lives and then in their work. Meena is a precious ambassador of mindfulness, concretely showing us how to bring mindfulness to the 'front lines' of the classroom, the staffroom, and all throughout our day.  The wisdom in this book is grounded in Meena’s personal experience of applying mindfulness and compassion to respond rather than react to situations, in order to nurture what is best in us and in our students and skillfully take care of difficult moments.  

    Thich Nhat Hanh
    Thich Nhat Hanh Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
In Teach, Breathe, Learn, Meena Srinivasan highlights how mindfulness can be an effective tool in the classroom. What makes this book truly unique is her perspective as a classroom teacher, wrestling daily with the conditions about which she writes.

Teach, Breathe, Learn is designed for educators at all levels, parents interested in sharing mindfulness with their children, and anyone curious about how to cultivate their own mindfulness practice and eventually teach mindfulness to others.

Teach, Breathe, Learn provides accessible, practical application of mindfulness to overcome challenges faced during the school day.Testimonials from students and colleagues are woven throughout the book.

Part 1 helps develop compassion and shift from “reacting” to “responding” to demands.

Part 2 offers techniques for cultivating loving-kindness, gratitude and seeing others as oneself.

The last section of the book introduces a curriculum anyone can use to teach mindfulness, replete with lesson plans, handouts, and homework assignments.

Praise for Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom

  • Now is the time to transform our Educational system for the sake of our children.  We need to think outside the box and embrace new approaches that can draw out our deep inner resources.  Mindfulness offers a way for us to tap into the inner resilience, focus and wellbeing that are already inside us. Teach, Breathe, Learn is a key that unlocks this inner potential.  This book makes mindfulness accessible for teachers everywhere and is a great resource for sharing mindfulness with young people.  It is a helpful tool for parents and educators of all backgrounds.  As an accomplished international educator and dedicated mindfulness practitioner, Meena Srinivasan brings these two worlds together in this compelling book, showing how to embed mindfulness into teaching and life.  Meena’s current work implementing Social Emotional Learning in the Oakland public school district embodies her commitment to transforming our nation’s education system from the inside out. 

    Congressman Tim Ryan
    Congressman Tim Ryan A Mindful Nation
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