Thank you to Northern California Shambhala for featuring me as one of their “Warriors in the World” 🙂 I’m looking forward to collaborating with Shambhala and the Mind Body Awareness Project on “Teaching Mindfulness to Youth: A Diverse Exploration” on Saturday, October 18th in San Francisco.

Northern California Shambhala and the Mind Body Awareness Project

Join Bay Area luminaries for a one day workshop to deepen the wisdom and skills necessary for teaching mindfulness and compassion to diverse populations of youth. We will explore what it means to create an inclusive culture and what it will take to get us there.

This program is designed for teachers, trainers, and other people currently teaching, or interested in teaching, mindfulness and compassion programs to youth.

We hope to cultivate greater societal and individual awareness so that we can create a more inclusive culture for the children in our community. How can the practices of mindfulness and compassion become more relevant, accessible, and applicable to the entire population?

The program will include meditation, contemplation, discussion, and training in particular skills. The morning session will focus on our personal relationships to issues of diversity and looking at how our perceptions affect our work. The afternoon session will involve training in how to teach mindfulness to diverse populations.

To register click here

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