Spurs & SEL

The only time my husband isn’t a good listener or impossible to access is when he’s engaged in sports. If we are at a restaurant and a sports game is on he has to sit where he’s not facing the TV. From my husband I’ve learned just how inspiring sporting matches can be and how they directly relate to my work in Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

During the past weeks I’ve been learning more and more about the San Antonio Spurs and their philosophy around team that ultimately led to them winning the NBA championship. On Sunday I left for a business trip and that night when we spoke he told me he just HAD to read me a paragraph from an article about the Spurs redemptive win on Sunday night.

“That combination the Spurs have achieved is what most of us want out of professional life. We want to do something we love. We want the freedom to experiment and to know that if we’re true to the process, we won’t be deemed a failure, regardless of the result. We want to work alongside people who root for us to be really good. We want to know that if we have to wind the clock 12 full months after being so very, very close, everyone will exhale, regroup and stay with it.” 

During the past few days I’ve been on a retreat with the High School Leadership Team from my school district. As we mapped out the next year we also spent a lot of time reflecting on how we can be team. At the start of our reflection around team I shared the quote my husband read to me on the phone and had us reflect on our districts SEL standards, especially the one on Relationship Skills. Our ability to intentionally practice SEL skills and competencies directly affects how we relate to each other and how successful our team will be.


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